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Bathroom Remodeling River Creek, VA

A true shower challenge, this bathroom only had a 30”x30” shower and an 11’+ soaking tub. The homeowners wanted to have the ability to get ready in the morning at the same time, and as they say time is money. We converted their shower to an 11’ masterpiece with dual operating shower sides at either end of the shower. The other challenge in the way was a hip height casement window that was above the old soaking tub. No one wants to be seen in the morning getting ready, not even a shadow affect if the window was converted to a frosted glass unit. #1 to even get this change we had to battle the River creek HOA, others before us were turned down left and right for this same configuration, but in the end we got the approval to put in a transom window near the ceiling level. And to top it off this was a load bearing wall, so we had to jack up the rear of the home and put in a metal beam.

Removed casement windows above the old tub area to install a 11’ transom window 6” from ceiling line. Removed old shower and framed it in for it to be a bathroom closet. Removed old soaking tub and converted it into a shower. All other bathroom components were removed.


Framed in for new 11’ transom window, by putting in a steel support beam 6” from ceiling level jacked with 2×4’s and plated. Framed in for towel closet where old shower was located (if facing vanity old shower was to the right of the vanity). Screwed down sub floor to floor joists. Installed ½” cement boards on bathroom floor & shower walls. Framed in for shower angled bench. Installed recessed niches in shower for storage. Prepared all existing walls & ceiling for painting (mudded & sanded protrusion points), replaced drywall/mudded/sanded all areas that were demolished and rebuilt.


Converted ½” copper piping to ¾” copper piping for premium water pressure. Installed (2) cast brass thermostatic diverter valves (after temperature is set water will hit that temperature every time , volume controls (you can control the amount of water that comes out of shower fixture, (2) shower heads, (2) handhelds with rod & elbow, (8) body massaging jets, (2) ebbe shower dains, and (1) flush ceiling mount rain shower with internal 4 head configuration.


Installed (2) inside shower fan/light/night light combos (3 switch configuration), and (1) built in to mirror eye level light.


Installed (2) different colors of travertine 12”x12” rectified honed & filled tiles with 1/16” grout line with broken joint/brick lay, and broke up travertine color with 6”x6” travertine tiles on shower walls and bathroom wall, and installed (1) color travertine floor tile. Ad-mix used with grout to ensure color continuity by treating grout throughout to be anti stain/ anti mold resistant, and commercial grade natural stone sealer.


All plywood grade vanity with dove tail drawers.


Installed tan brown granite counter top with (2) under mount oval bowls, and custom curve following vanity lines. Ogee edge detail.


Installed all moen fixtures, (2) mirrored inside and out medicine cabinets stainless steel with glass shelves, custom cut ¼” mirror, and matching toilet paper holder/door handles