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Bathroom Remodeling Reston, VA

Transitional contemporary homeowners that had a wild yet tasteful natural stone fetish.
The challenge with this master bathroom is that the homeowners have 20’tall ceilings in their master bedroom/powder station, and still wanted the separation of the old existing powder room & bathroom (they wanted not to hear one getting ready in the morning if one was still sleeping). Plus their old powder station just had one sink & faucet. To the rescue again, Elegant Services compiled the homeowners needs and wants to develop their special space. They had a brand new sliding glass door that was right next to the old powder bathroom exterior wall that had to be moved over 2.5’ to allow for build out of powder area to accommodate (2) sinks.

The next thing on the agenda is how in the world were we going to make this glorious bathroom seem like one with the division of the vanity powder room area & the shower area. The solution was to frame out and prepare for a laser cut 3/8” frosted glass door to be installed instead of the previous solid wood door dividing the powder area & the shower area. In the end the frosted glass frameless door kept that openness spa like feel between the powder area and the shower area. With a few design tweaks this space really became its own.


Removed existing powder bathroom wall to allow for build out. Removed and set aside existing new vinyl sliding glass door. All other bathroom components were removed, including old tub area


Framed out for new powder bathroom area expansion to allow for dual vanity sinks and faucets. Installed new sliding glass door 2.5’ from its existing location to allow for powder bathroom build out, and installed a new support header. Framed and finished for new frosted glass frameless door. Screwed down sub floor to floor joists. Installed ½” cement boards on bathroom floor & shower walls.. Installed recessed niches in shower for storage. Prepared all existing walls & ceiling for painting (mudded & sanded protrusion points), replaced drywall/mudded/sanded all areas that were demolished and rebuilt.


Installed new shower valve cast brass, Installed chrome gooseneck faucets, ebbe square chrome drain, chrome kohler water tile. Installed shower floor membrane and mud shower base which was sloped for drainage and shower floor tile installation.


Installed 12”x12” exotic travertine tile at a 1/16” grout line on bathroom floor/walls, shower walls, and up and around & in between custom cut vanity mirrors with broken joint/brick lay. Installed a mosaic travertine on shower floor, Installed mosaic travertine tiles in niches. Ad-mix used with grout to ensure color continuity by treating grout throughout to be anti stain/ anti mold resistant, and commercial grade natural stone sealer.


Installed maple slab door & drawer style cabinets with spice stain. All plywood grade vanity.


Installed exotic granite countertop with contemporary flat polish edge detail, and (2) under mount porcelain sinks


Installed (2) chrome vanity filler style faucets, (1) chrome water tile with diverter, (1) chrome ebbe drain, (1) custom cut frosted glass 3/8” door with chrome hinges and hardware, and (1) chrome fixed 3/8” clear glass euro panel for shower area.